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Testing the $7 rural public transport theory

Earlier this month it was announced that on January 1st 2014 public transport fares would rise across the state. With that in mind I wrote this blog piece… The $7 one way public transport trip to rural Victoria. I had the chance over the break to test the theory out.

The $7 one way public transport trip to rural Victoria

Today it was announced that Myki fares will go up again as of January 2014. Of course more revenue will theoretically be generated however with prices continually increasing and a continual lack of significant investment into the Public Transport system it will probably act to deter a few more people away from using Public Transport… […]

Adaptive reuse on a domestic residential scale

It’s called adaptive reuse and it is occurring a lot more in Melbourne and around the world. It is the art of taking a building or structure that has outlived it’s original intended purpose and breathing new life into it by converting its usage. While there are many examples at a commercial office and commercial […]

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