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More announcements for the sake of announcing things

We are in the midst of an election year folks and get ready for the constant and endless announcements of projects, oh and my favourite, re-announcement of already previously announced projects!

MetroTrains, Summer Timetable and the Heat

This week a genuine heat wave will beset Melbourne with a high likelihood of four consecutive days of over 40 degrees Celsius before a late afternoon cool change on Friday followed by mid-20’s over the weekend. A perfect storm is brewing for MetroTrains and this week it could tip our train system over the edge.

$10billion, what to spend it on?

Economic experts from Essential Economics have published a report called “One Melbourne or Two?” and it highlights the shortfalls in infrastructure to the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Poor Epping Station Design

Yesterday morning (27th Feb 2012) was the first time I had seen Epping station in the rain. As I walked down the stairs what was evident was the poor design of the extravagant canopy roof.

Free offer @ Epping Station

Another quick blog on the bus from Epping to Westfield Plenty Valley. Tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd Feb 2012) In an obvious attempt to promote the Parkiteer cage at the new Epping train station Bicycle Victoria is offering up free smoothies should you do a little riding. Not a bad way to start the day! Matt.

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