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Apricot tree from seed

I ate two apricots at Christmas lunch today and my mind immediately turned to thinking about growing my own. A couple of YouTube videos later and this is the result.

In the garden – December 2013

I haven’t done a little bit of a garden update on things growing in our front and back gardens for a while so given I put together a new herb garden on the weekend now is a good time to do that!

Growing an Avocado

I will start by saying I hate avocado… however when I was told that avocados grow poorly in Melbournes temperate conditions and that I would struggle to grow one I set out to challenge that theory. Essentially I don’t like to be told I can’t do something, like a little kid who inevitably pushes the […]

Raised garden bed with tomatoes and basil

Summer garden planting

For christmas I got a couple of Bunnings vouchers adding up to $200. One voucher was spent on a new letter box which will require a little bit of work to install, hopefully I will get to blogging about that later this week. The other voucher went towards some bits and pieces to reinvigorate the […]

Garden update

Time for an update the status of the garden. I braved the rain for an hour earlier tonight to head out into the garden. Earlier in the day I stopped in at Bunnings and purchased two bags of vegetable quality potting mix (on special) and two bags of compost. Earlier in the week my seed […]

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