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NBN Roll Out Frustration

The fibre to the premise (FTTP) version of the NBN is by far the best and the most “future proofed” version that is being proposed by the two Australian political parties. But the roll out is not only frustrating me but in at least one instance it just appears illogical.

New server set up (update)

Time for a small update on the server set up. Things are progressing nicely with the new set up albeit a bit slow. The wedding obviously took some precedence in life through the middle part of the year and then the honeymoon took over however since returning I have managed to get some more work […]

New server

I’ve always wanted to have total control over my server… until now I only had total control over the software and the hardware was just a “rented” VPS from the USA (thanks to Photon VPS.) On top of this I was paying about $18 a month for my VPS and was exposed to AUD$ fluctuations.

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