About Me

Hello & welcome to LenJet!

My name is Matt and this is my spot on the internet to document my ramblings and thoughts in long form.

I was born, grew up and still reside in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy everything construction and have worked in both the residential and commercial / industrial construction industries in some form since the year 2000. I love to dabble in all things IT and spend a lot of time tinkering with old hardware, my home set up or trying to learn how to code things. I enjoy gardening especially growing fruits and vegetables but also growing weird and wonderful plants. I follow politics but barrack for no specific “team” as I believe following a political party like a football team is limiting and closed minded. I attempt to bake every now and then and sometimes succeed… although I have failed on a few occasions! I am a big user of twitter and you can find me here: Len_Jet.

So… LenJet. The name is an amalgamation of my two Labrador dogs, Lenny and Jet. While not technically brothers they are inseparable and haven’t spent more than half a day apart since coming together as puppies way back in March 2010.

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