Jobs for Geelong, but job losses for South Morang?

Today the state government announced that 300 new jobs would be created in Geelong. These jobs are thanks to a “co-investment” by the state government to convince Energy Australia to open up a new call centre down there. But is this really a “new” call centre? Are these really “new” jobs?

Energy Australia currently have two call centres in South Morang. One is situated at the Whittlesea City Council offices and the other is at 530 McDonald Rd in South Morang. The site at 530 McDonald Rd is actually up for sale at the moment and if you have a cool $13.5m you can be the proud owner of the 6.33ha site. It is interesting to note that the site is being sold without a lease and is termed as being “ready for immediate development”. So you have to ask what is happening to the call centre jobs that are currently within that building? It seems with this call centres impending closure and the commitment to a new call centre in Geelong that these jobs are merely a “robbing Peter to pay Paul” scenario.

I wonder when we will hear about a “co-investment” to support these potential job losses in South Morang? I am not holding my breath.


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