Next Costco Store… Epping

The Whittlesea Leader local newspaper has thrown up another gem in the public notices section with the public notification of the application for a planning permit to construct a new Costco in Epping.

The public notice (which can be viewed below) suggests the Costco will be similar to the Docklands and the upcoming Ringwood stores with one point of difference… this site will have a Costco petrol station attached to it. 12 months ago Costco flagged an interest to muscle in on the petrol market here in Australia and this appears to be the first in Melbourne and possibly the first in Australia.

The public notice also identifies the location of the site. It will be positioned behind the McDonalds at the intersection of Childs Road and High Street. The Costco site will also connect the dividing road between Northern Hospital and Epping Plaza to Deveny Road which will be extended / developed from its current position. The public notice also suggests the site will affect 531 High Street which is the existing car wreckers yard next door to The Manor Reception Centre however there is no mention with regards to an entry or exit via this land. I have mapped out a rough map that shows what possibly could be the total site area based on the information in the public notice.



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7 Responses to “Next Costco Store… Epping”

  1. James says:

    Nice. All costco sites are approved for petrol stations. Docklands has lad at the front and ringwood also has space approved for petrol. So it’s natural that the Epping site would request that. The article is wrong when it claims to be the first site requesting permission for a petrol station. All Costco sites in oz new or current are approved for a fuel station. That’s not news. One can assume its future planning for an intended entry into the fuel market when and if it becomes sustainable for them to do so.

    • Matt says:

      Hi James,
      Thanks for the comment! :-) Unfortunately I don’t work on any of Costco’s projects so I can only take your word for it. I will point out that I highly doubt there would be one at Docklands. The land out the front is rather small, the traffic conditions and flow are abhorrent at the best of times and the land down at the Docklands is rather contaminated (thanks to it’s past life) and so volatile that I wouldn’t have thought anyone would want to dare bury petrol tanks into the ground there with fears for them rupturing. Interesting times ahead nevertheless and this will be one that I will definitely keep my eyes on! :-)


  2. Gordon says:

    Guys, I can tell you that petrol IS coming to the Epping store 100%. Prices will blow everyone away! It will cause ruffled feathers with the other fuel retailers, but Costco is a big player too. We will all benefit, as Coles and Woolworths will try to price match, but Costco will always be cheaper.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Gordon,

      Fingers crossed! Do you know if they will be importing the fuel? Or will it just be locally made stuff run on tighter / less exorbitant margins?


      • Gordon says:

        It will come in as raw fuel, and Costco will add its own additives. If its 91 Octane, you know it will be 91 Octane.

        It will be un-manned, you just swipe your membership card,then credit card.

        • Matt says:

          Thanks for the info Gordon! By the sounds of things much lower production costs, standard petrol excise and GST taxes and then lower overheads on staff etc. Taking a stab that might equate to 20-30 cent difference?!

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