Mernda Rail Extension Community Information Session

I dropped into the Mernda Rail Community Information Session late this morning after my daughters swimming lesson and caught the last 20-30 minutes. Read more »

Victorian Debt and Unemployment

The Victorian state election is fast approaching (29th of November) so I thought I would do a little research into Victorian debt and unemployment to try and educate myself better on the true standing of these two often politicised elements of government.
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Mernda South Primary School

Victorian State election is later this year and after 3 years of “austerity” measures the war chest of cash is finally beginning to flow in a pre election splurge and with the budget tomorrow it will be interesting to see what other projects and services will be commissioned. One project that was announced last week and is continuing to have details slowly released is the new 11 schools. Read more »

AFL Round 1, all the panicking and the attendances numbers

This year I want to pick the brains out of some AFL stats. I will try and pick a bit of a hot topic and check the relevant stats associated with them. This weeks hot topic has been the emphasis on the importance of winning Round 1 and if you are a North Melbourne, Richmond or Bulldogs supporter according to the media you might as well pack your bags and head to the snow with the Melbourne supporters now! But really is winning Round 1 all that important? Also I take a quick look at the Round 1 attendance levels. Read more »

More announcements for the sake of announcing things

We are in the midst of an election year folks and get ready for the constant and endless announcements of projects, oh and my favourite, re-announcement of already previously announced projects!
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